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Women, science and faith

A week of events and art around the theme Women, science and faith. 

Featuring art by Alex Edsor, Vanessa Marijanovic, Paula Mills, Sharon Monagle and Pearl Taylor.

‘Me vs. Galileo: History, propaganda and bias’
A 20 minute monologue written and performed by Elise Kumar, 'Me vs Galileo' is a one-woman performance piece about the way we look back at a controversial scientific figure. Elise Kumar looks at Galileo’s life and legacy with humour and insight and a little bit of controversy of her own.
Aug 8 6.30pm, Aug 11 3.30pm

‘The Sisters; is, Galileo’s Penance’
A play by Sharmini Kumar, 'The Sisters; or Galileo’s Penance' is based on the true story of Galileo’s two illegitimate daughters who became nuns. In the wake of the scandal about their father’s views on science, these women deal with the implications for themselves, their faith and their place in the world. 
Aug 8-11 7pm

‘Celestial Things’
A concert featuring new music by Louise Peters, Dylan Hughes, Sarah Brown and Hannah Comrie-Weston. 'Celestial Things' is a concert of contemporary musical works by upcoming Melbourne composers exploring the themes of women, science and faith. They present personal and thoughtful responses to these themes that will resonate through a variety of experience.
Aug 9-10 8.30pm, Aug 11 4pm