Our Story

Austen Con is a day-long event to celebrate and appreciate Jane Austen and the many facets of her work. The inaugural AustenCon will be held on 15th December 2018. The concept has been devised and directed by 24 Carrot Productions who are keen to deliver a day that is innovative, inclusive, accessible and enjoyable.

The event will include a choice of activities, film showings, presentations from regency era experts, fan fiction and a market hall with regency era crafts for sale. 24 Carrot Productions expect to attract a wide range of target groups; Janeites, Literature and film enthusiasts, costume and period dress fans, drama and literature students.

This event is unique in its focus to attract a wider, younger and more contemporary audience and grow the appeal of Jane Austen.

24 Carrot Productions

Formed by theatre- and film-maker Sharmini Kumar, 24 Carrot Productions has been producing independent theatre since 2011, including '2 Gentlemen', 'The Complete Works of Shakespeare', 'The Importance of Being Ernest', 'Shakespeare in Therapy' and 'The Margins of Persuasion'. These are works that take innovative approaches to presentation of theatre while remaining accessible and enjoyable for a variety of audiences.



Sharmini Kumar

Sharmini has written, directed and produced eight performance pieces and four short films, and is the founder and artistic director of 24 Carrot Productions. She loves Austen’s humour and wit, and particularly likes to explore issues that are not often highlighted in adaptations of Austen’s work.


Jacinta Scadden

Jacinta has written, directed and acted in numerous short films and plays. She completed her Bachelor of Performing & Screen Arts (Majoring in Directing & Writing for Screen & Theatre) in 2012. As well as Acting for Screen by NIDA in 2014. She is currently doing her Masters of Screenwriting at VCA. Jacinta will happily watch (and analyse) any adaptation of Jane Austen’s work. She played Anne Elliot in 24 Carrots production of Margins of Persuasion


Fiona Crombie

Fiona is an actor currently studying at 16th Street Actors Studio on the full time program 2018/19. She first worked with 24 Carrot Productions in 2017 when she performed as Lady Russell in Margins of Persuasion. Fiona’s favourite Austen novel is Northanger Abbey, she has loved Jane Austen since her teen years.